Polyservices The future of microservices

Microservices is all the talk these days, with everyone having something to say about how to do it, what to avoid, when it's appropriate, right down to how small a microservice should be. While I have opinions about these things, I think the web is fairly saturated in this respect so instead I'll share something that's more of an observation / prediction than anything else.

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NoSQL - The New Shoe

When NoSQL first came on the scene, it was touted by many as the new kind of data store that solved many of the problems that RDBMS couldn't. We had shoehorned RDBMS solutions into problems they were unsuitable to address, and here was an alternative that could help us out. Many years have passed, and I'm concerned that all we've achieved is changing our shoe... with the shoehorn still firmly in hand!

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Dropwizard Cassandra now supports Dropwizard 0.8

The latest upgrade to dropwizard-cassandra includes support for Dropwizard 0.8 as well as some new configuration exposed by the latest Cassandra driver for heartbeats.

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The Temporary Solution Fallacy

Temporary solutions are a myth. They don't exist. The sooner we can rid ourselves of this idea, the better our software will become.

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