I have worked in a wide variety of industries, ranging from online gaming, finance, property management, government, and media; including projects for large organisations such as , Betfair , BSkyB , The National Lottery , Microgaming , Sony Music . I have led teams in delivering successful products for both enterprise and consumer markets, with registered users reaching into the millions and concurrent users in the tens of thousands.

I have built applications for end-users and frameworks for software engineers; contributed to well known open source projects as well as creating some of my own projects to address particular needs that have arisen in the course of my work on various projects.

I have introduced various Agile processes into teams and companies that were previously unaware or unfamiliar with these methods, and subsequently used them to deliver successful projects.

I have a Masters' Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford ; including studies in Object Orientation, Functional Programming, Concurrent and Distributed Systems, Security, and Software Development Management.

I consult on software projects for a variety of clients through Composable Systems .

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