Studying At College - Best Apps For Student Developers

Top apps you can use when getting a developer's major
When you study in college (no matter what major you choose), you need help with homework as the workload is increasing every year. Most part of all tasks take writing assignments, and students need to spend hours trying to come up with a good topic, research, and write a proper essay. Luckily, in the era of digitalization, there are professional remote services like myperfectpaper or 99papers writing agencies that help to cope with your papers. Meanwhile, not all programs are focused on writing only. For example, web and mobile development students may also require more specific help.
Top apps for student developers
Even if you are majoring in development, you will not avoid writing papers, so before we consider the apps you may use for web and mobile skills upgrading, check a-writer reviews and essay pro reviews to choose a perfect writing service. Now let's get back to the challenges that career in development requires to face. As a future web or mobile developer, you will have to know how to design, perform all coding tasks, implement required features, and provide the solutions that help millions of users worldwide. As a beginner who only studies programming, it may be hard to start from scratch, so you need some good tools to help you operate successfully and be able to create software:

1. Hackety Hack

You can download the desktop app that can walk you through the basics of Ruby in Rails programming language for web apps development. There is an available toolkit to create design interfaces, and the project may also be shared between other students;

2. Code Monster

This app is aimed at JavaScript programming language and has step-by-step tutorials for students with different levels of knowledge. The course starts with basic functions, and you move gradually doing progress with math and graphics;

3. Purpose Games

This web-based app allows users to develop games and quizzes without any programming experience. You have all the instructions while design and the coding language is simple enough;

4. Alice

This app gives students basic programming concepts by creating animated stories and various simple games. All the elements in here represent the basics of C++, Java and C# and young developers can navigate them to understand the relationships between them and the way they impact the animation;

5. Treehouse

This platform has a huge library of video tutorials and different training exercises that will meet all levels of experience. You can take interactive programming challenges and check your progress within the app;

6. Codea

Another good tool that can help students program interactive apps for iPads with rich graphics and a multitouch display. The interface of the app is intuitive which makes it simple to understand how the code lines transform into shapes, colors, and actions;

7. AppMakr

It acts as a platform that gives students an option to crate both mobile apps and websites based on HTML5 responsive to mobile devices. It includes different levels of complexity with a dashboard to operate the app and watch updates and statistics;

8. Programmr

This app is opened in your browser and more aimed at learning the development than practicing it. You can do it at your own pace and choose from fifteen available programming languages and frameworks. With this app, you can learn how to create web and mobile apps, command-line programs, etc.

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