I run Composable Systems, a software engineering consultancy providing leading edge software and security expertise to a variety of clients.

As a kid, I grew up experimenting with computers… taking them apart both literally and figuratively and then putting them back together again. I started programming in school, but afterwards I took things a bit more seriously and began to lay a strong foundation in software engineering, systems administration and database administration through formal studies. I began a career as a software engineer, initially building internal systems for local government and large organisations and then moving into large-scale distributed web systems serving a global user population. Since then, I have completed a Masters’ Degree in Software Engineering with distinction from Oxford University and am a Chartered Engineer through BCS.

I specialise in secure software architecture and design, and enjoy helping organisations discover how to integrate security disciplines into their Agile delivery processes.

I have worked in a wide variety of industries, ranging from online gaming, finance, property management, government, media, and consulting; including projects for large organisations such as HM Revenue & Customs, Betfair, BSkyB, The National Lottery, Microgaming, Sony Music and G3G.