Composable Systems

If you’re a prospective client or would like to know more about the services I offer, please take a look at Composable Systems or contact me directly via email.


I use Signal. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t yet use it, I’d strongly recommend checking it out.


If it’s code you’re after, you can take a look at my personal GitHub or company GitHub accounts to see some of the public work I’ve been up to.

Please feel free to contribute to any of these projects, provide feedback, or raise issues. In general, I do most of my personal projects and experiments on my personal account and use the organisation account for projects that I intend on supporting longer term and are production ready.


I use LinkedIn to connect with people I know, and do not accept connections from people I have not met or interacted with professionally. Please don’t take this personally, but it’s not Facebook (and I’m not on Facebook). I will happily respond to messages sent via LinkedIn though.

I’m also on Twitter, which I mostly use to follow other people or organisations relevant to my work. I do post occasionally, and often use this to share recent posts I make to this site - so if you want to know when new posts are available and don’t use RSS, this is a good way to keep in the loop.